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Music-making transcends time and all set boundaries encompassing creativity enveloping imagination, with no rules for new creations and ideas. Recording your own inner voice and merge with automation & effects in ways never imagined before. Intermixing genres to new vibes beats, Rythm to bring up new and fresh line of music. Well punched proverb “Music had no language and crosses all the barriers defined by exiting norms it has the potential to touch every heart extended by joy of listening to tracks never heard before, and passing so many messages clearly, we at Sound O Mania ensure not to be distracted by a faulty bad recording or erroneous, weak playing. We believe in creating masterpiece reaching pinnacle of perfection. To serve you better please connect with us @ +91-9818008923

The Most Intensive Sound Engineering Programs
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Sound Recording & Editing
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Mixing & Mastering
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Music Production & Composition
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Live Strings
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sound recoding
sound recoding
sound recoding
sound recoding
sound recoding
sound recoding
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Welcome to Sound-o-Mania School of Music

Looking at the current market scenario and need of the hour it was comprehended that music industry today is as usual under great transformation with a blend of classical and many new genres of electronic music like techno, house, psychedelic, hiphop industrial, Ambient, EDM, Garage, Dubstep, Trance etc to acknowledge and address this requirement the idea of establishing to serve the same need was germinated - into Sound-O-Mania right and the important commercial hub of the Delhi NCR so that cater to all direction across and reach millions of mind with a new creative musical tracks and composition it has the potential of harnessing and providing strong breeding ground and foundation for the Sound Engineering and technologies

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Call @ +91 9818008923, info@sound-o-mania.com
Benefits of Music
Music – does not have any language – so is heard by deep faculties of mind - where it elevates mood, reduces stress and helps in eliminating depression at the same time stimulates memory and eases pain and empowers brain to attain a hail and healthy heart.
It will improve cognition and lessen anxiety directs calmness and reduces impulsivity
It entertains,inspires and motivates ..it shapes culture, express emotions & feelings sung in the form of enthems and songs devotional chants commercial music as various genres like EDM, trance, hiphop, dubstep, house, progressive house over classical ragas and list is endless...
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Sound Engineering
Sound-O-Mania believes that the subject of Sound Engineering, Recording Arts & Music are complimentary to each other. A sound engineer/recordist must be recognized as an equal contributor in the production procedure of any form of music. Hence, Sound-O-Mania has conceptualized a musically designed certificate course in Kolkata of Sound Engineering, Music Production & Music Business.
What our client are saying
Excellent service and support bieng rendered during the performance and recording ..
Ambient atmosphere to build music and sound recording and happy with the cooperation..
Best of the studio and great people to work with ..
Liked the professionalism and great zeal/dedication put up by the staff and team ..
IFFCO Chowk, Pt. Jeet Ram Complex,
3rd Floor, near Hanuman Mandir,
Gurugram, 122001
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