Audio Recording Process
Compelling video is essential to hold the attention of viewers but without an audio recording (or audio track), your video will feel a little empty. The audio for your video could be many things – the speech of actors in the video, live music, voice over narration or mix of any of these things and more. No matter what the audio content, poorly captured and recorded audio distracts the viewer just as much as poor video quality and either may cause them to stop viewing.
Choose a Good Microphone for Your Audio Recording Are you using a microphone built into the camcorder, combo webcam, laptop or earphone? Quit the habit because most of the built-in mics produce poor quality because they can’t pick up sound well enough. So, although we try to save you some money, there’s some rudimental cost that has to be paid for an above-average quality – buy an external mic that can clearly capture the sound or your voice and use it.
Basics of sound
Music studio and facilities

Recording studio

Our Recording studio (District 9) is a fully comprehensive suite ideal for pre-production, mixing, tracking and mastering. District 9 is equipped with an SSL 48 channel Duality and Pro Tools HD system, an extensive collection of software plugins and state-of-the-art PMC monitoring options, and an array of professional creating tools.
recording basics

The control room has two acoustically adjustable live rooms to each side, which allows engineers to record multiple musicians at the same time, maintaining full sound isolation between instruments to suit any session’s demands. There is a variety of outboard gear, including 5.1 in both the control room and live rooms. The control room also has a 32 channel link with the Live Venue (Area 51). The patch-bay system allows for three further rooms to be patched into the mixer.

Live venue
Our live venue (Area 51) space boasts 200m2 of floor space with a 25m2 stage. Fully equipped and air conditioned, the venue can accommodate full-scale pre-production rehearsals for bands, large ensembles or orchestras and has access to a full backline with its own complete PA system and lighting rig. Area 51 runs two Avid Venue SC48 mixing consoles that can deliver up to 48 channels of pristine audio through the 12 L’Acoustics ARCS Focus speakers and SB18i subs (six each), while on the stage, aside from a wide range of backline to choose from, there are eight monitor wedges for fold-back. Above the entire stage, there is a permanently installed HD camera, which captures the whole performance area and can be set up quickly for livestreaming. With easy access on same level to a large parking area, for seamless load ins/outs, Area 51 is the perfect venue choice whether you are putting on an event, gig, artist or album showcase, or as a full-production rehearsal facility.
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